Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cat Power @ Pearl Street (Northampton)

Cat Power Pearl Street Northampton
I wish I had gotten some pictures from the show (the above is not from last night), but, unfortunately, I didn't.

The concert was, as you can imagine, incredible. Chan has an incredibly magnetic stage presence, some of which is probably attributable to my enormous crush on her, but a lot of which probably isn't. She held the audience rapt in attention without doing very much at all—the most animated she got was during a cover of "Satisfaction" (unexpected, and not as well-performed as her own material, but kind of fun nevertheless), and she interacted with the audience extremely infrequently, and the terrible sound mixing made the lyrics all but unintelligible, but it didn't matter all that much, honestly. I wasn't particularly concerned about missing the lyrics—I can listen to the recorded versions of the songs for that (which I'm doing right now), and Miss Marshall's aloofness is tremendously (albeit somewhat paradoxically) winning.

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Joe Ziemer said...

Jealous you saw Cat Power...... I've missed my chance a few times.....