Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hilary Duff: Not as Bad as She Could Be?

So sayeth the New York Times.

I had my own opinions about Duff in an issue of the DFP last spring, but I'll keep any further Duff-bashing to myself.

Pursuing a different line of thought, I'm thinking about changing the name of this blog. I like Inner Resources alright, but I'm always worried it sounds like a Christian Science or Dianetics blog or something like that. Who knows. Speaking of Dianetics, the New Yorker has a richly entertaining article this week on fasting spas. I couldn't find it when I just looked online, but I would encourage you to track it down in print if you have to.

I was thinking of Blographia Literaria, like Samuel Taylor Coleridge's famously uneven and scattershot work of autobiography, criticism, speculative aesthetics, and philosophy (among other things). Now that I see the name in print, I kind of like it. I was also thinking of Keats's phrase "Diligent Indolence," as that describes what I'm doing pretty well, but I'd sort of be comparing myself to Keats then, something I don't feel qualified or self-loving enough to do. Of course, I don't think I'm self-hating enough to liken myself to Coleridge, but the name remains pretty fantastic.

As this is a largely informal post already, I may as well give some life updates. I have secured employment; I'll be working in Connecticut for an educational company. I'm very excited about the job and very much looking forward to the move.

Also, I am typing this post from my new Apple laptop, a graduation gift from my father. I've only ever had PCs for personal use, so save for my time laying the DFP out on the Publications Room Macs, I'm new to it all. I am delighted with it, although I am still getting used to not having a right-click button (I know, control+click, but it's not the same). Hope you're all doing well; hopefully I'll have another real post up soon.

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Meredith said...

hah! I knew you'd switch to the Light Side. What kind of Mac is it? iBook or Macbook?