Saturday, August 1, 2009

Francis Bacon at the Met

Maybe it's just because the exhibit isn't really new, but there were many fewer hipsters moseying about the galleries than I expected to see.
The exhibit was also a great deal smaller than I had hoped; while I think it occupied the same space that the Turner exhibit took up (I could be completely wrong about that, though—for a former Boy Scout, my sense of direction is atrocious), I felt that the whole thing was so much more spare and seemingly more hastily assembled—especially the curatorial notes. And there were just a lot of paintings missing that I had hoped to see. But then again, Bacon's one of my favorite artists and so far I had only seen the MoMA's paintings, so I probably shouldn't complain. Here's the Met page for the paintings they are displaying.

Shelley at Read Red also visited the exhibit recently and has some reflections on Bacon.

Has anyone read the Deleuze book on Bacon? There are a couple of quotes drawn from it which are used in the curatorial material, but it seems to be rarely cited when discussing Deleuze's work and philosophy.

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Kal said...

I appreciate this posting. Bosch had nothing on Bacon, who saw that hell is here on earth. They share a sly wit, too. There is a very good novel about a painter by Patrick White, called The Vivisector. White was a contemporary, also a painter, and perhaps a friend (can't quite remember) of Bacon. I've wondered if he got the title, at least, from Bacon.