Thursday, March 11, 2010

Going Everywhere, Spring Break edition

Sorry I've been a bit remiss in doing anything on this blog for more than a week now, but spring break has intervened a bit, and honestly I've taken the break to re-consider what I mean this blog to do. I'll spare you (most of) the navel-gazing, but the main point is that I'm going to experiment with a few formal and substantive changes to the blog to make it less lit-bloggy. This is certainly not to say that I've soured on lit-blogs, but merely that there are literally dozens of interesting and worthwhile examples of the form and a good handful of truly excellent ones (see the blogroll at the left), and I feel that I would much rather read those than write my own.

What I do want this blog to be is a research tool. Hopefully this will not turn out to be as dry as it sounds, but I am feeling less compelled to write topical posts like this about the burning issue of the moment or even an innocently irrelevant post like this on novels or volumes of verse that have little bearing on anything but turn out to be nice diversions. In short, I'm afraid Blographia Literaria has become somewhat of a hobby for me, a way of logging my recreational reading, and I'd like to put it to work.* My main research interests will hopefully be of broad enough compass that they will allow me to continue to post material interesting to you (and I think they should be), as most things I put up here will hopefully make their way to touching upon these topics: Midwestern literature and regionalism, popular or genre fiction, marxism, and war and violence in literature. (Whoops—forgot film!) I'm hoping you'll stick around to see what turns out.

Alright, for one last hurrah of the lit-bloggy Blographia Literaria 1.0, here are some links to enjoy:
*That's certainly not to say that lit-blogging isn't "work," especially as assiduous folks like Scott Esposito or Mark Athitakis practice it. The way I've been doing it, it may have been "work," but not exactly steady or productive work.


    RRRJessica said...

    Thank you for linking! I am new to blogging -- under 2 years (although perhaps that makes me an old timer in internet time), and I have found that my conception for the blog keeps shifting. One thing I can say for sure, having just undergone a significant set of changes, including my blog's name and URL, is that it works best, for both quality and motivation, to blog about what I want, the way I want to, whatever that means, and that people who appreciate my voice have stuck with me.

    Good luck!

    ps. I am working on part 3 at this moment. Thank you for reading.

    zunguzungu said...

    Don't underestimate the value of playfully working or workfully playing, though! Look forward to seeing what you come up with.

    xiao said...

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