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Kings and Queens Loved to Gamble Before Gambling Online was Founded

No one knows about it but some leaders who known as the high rollers were:

  • Henry VIII, King of England 1509-1547

Who doesn’t know King Henry VIII? Among other kings or leaders in the world, King Henry VIII was so famous and all people know him. However, people don’t just know him as the great and controversial leader but also his habit. People know that King Henry VIII was so in love with the table games called “Tables” or known as Backgammon. It was the checker game which was also called “Queek” and the game of dice. He also liked Bragg which was the well known throughout London and became the most played game at that time. Bragg was believed by many people as the long ancestor of the card game, poker.

  • Mary I, Queen of England and Ireland 1553-1558

Who says gambling is for men only? Women also enjoy this activity and it can be proved from the Queen Mary I. Despite of her religious presence and appearance, the Queen loved gambling. The game she liked most was the card game but because of that, she had the significant debts of gambling. It was known that Queen Mary had spent almost 1/3 of the monthly income for gambling alone. That is why, she was reported.

You are lucky to play using gambling online so you can control the game more instead of spending much just like the previous gamblers but you know now that gambling was popular even in the past.